JNU: Ambedkar Vs Left; but opposite in Panjab University, Why?

BAPSA (Birsa-Ambedkar-Phule Student Association) challenging the Left Unity in JNU


JNU, the land of ideological battles, is well-known place for intellectual potential and dominance of Stalinist left. With the rise of right wing forces after Modi became P.M. in 2014, from Rohith Vemula to Una incident dalits are being attacked ruthlessly. Consequently, dalits who were cunningly communalized by RSS during Lok Sabha election are now coming out of Hindutva fold. After the march of cultural Hindutva of right wing conservative, the left politics which claims to be pro-dalits in its popular rhetoric of Bolshevik revolution, obviously has found some space in political discourse. Though, the JNU’s campus culture and its students’ verdict is not always the real reflection of society but the recent sedition row and overwhelming attempts of Modi government to haunt left hegemony have  pulled the attention of whole nation to link up with JNU. Interestingly, in present scenario, dalits are being lured by all political groups evidently under the banner of ‘annihilation of caste’. Even P.M. Modi warned his party to convince dalits and said that Nationalists are with us, let’s reach out to Dalits, backwards.

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JNU campus has been a hub of Stalinist left and Marxist bastions since its foundation. AISA, a student wing of CPI (ML) Liberation had been winning mandate in student elections for many years. In 2015, Kanhiya, a leader of AISF (the student wing of CPI) fought against AISA and became president of JNUSU. And for now, the JNU bears very different kind of contest where the right wing ABVP has been completely swept away and BAPSA(Birsa-Ambedkar-Phule Student Association) came as strong contender against Left Unity (AISA-SFI). BAPSA, which started just two years ago, chased the Left Unity and lost with a small margin of 409 votes.  Aftermath, the political thinkers are forced to interpret the political contours of newly emerged scenario in JNU. Clearly, the mandate of JNU student election is a synthesis of national political environment and inherent Ambedkar-Marxian contradictions. The nature of right and left politics is complementary, unconstitutional and absolutely hegemonic. Right wing relies on cultural hegemony while spreading false version of history or endorsing hegemonic phase of Manu-Samriti and similarly Left considers its philosophy ultimate champion of all oppressed sections asserting its ‘intellectual’ hegemony while imposing economic interpretation of history.

B.R. Ambedkar, the icon of constitutional democracy, had always motivated downtrodden and socially oppressed people for education, saying knowledge as one of major premises in power sharing. In 1970s, the Naxalite movement under the slogan ‘land to tiller’ and big ill-literacy in dalits (landless) brought them in leftist outfits. Moreover, dalit intellectuals also became dependent on leftist ideology while being far away from Ambedkar’s constitutionalism. Later on, the Bahujanvad of Kanshiram and Janata Politics gave a new independent voice to dalits, minorities and backward classes of India strengthening constitutional democracy. The JNU’s mandate reflects that dalits who are the product Ambedkar’s reservation policy, now following his slogan of  Educate, Agitate, Organize are struggling for independent platform rejecting Left politics, understanding the real difference between the Ambedkarism and Leftism as suggested by Ambedkar :

my party would not align with Communist Party for the plain reason that I do not believe in Communism”.

Instead, the mandate of student election in Panajb University, Chandigarh is surprisingly different. Students preferred ‘non-political’ group PUSU over mainstream parties like NSUI,SOI,ABVP etc. Secondly, the election mandate also brings Marx-Ambedkar ties in question. The extreme left outfit, Students for Society (SFS) got 2494 votes with small margin of 11 votes from second contender SOI and scored third position. Ironically, the Ambedkar Students Association (ASA) again lacked in representing dalits independently and overtly supported SFS. When will dalits, OBC and all the anti-casteism students of Panajb University understand that there cannot be ideological unity between Ambedkar and Marx?

                -Eklavya Editorial Committee




        STUPID yet not SEDITIOUS !

 (by Sawinder Singh on 14 feb, 2016)

 Showdown of Godses Vs. Stalins

jnu_650x400_71455502881              463583-kanhaiyakumar

    jnu-protests_650x400_71455281490New Delhi: Students affiliated to the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) protest outside the office of the vice chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi on Wednesday to vent their ire over a programme describing the execution of 2001 Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru as 'judicial killing'. PTI Photo (PTI2_10_2016_000236B)

New Delhi: ABVP activists protest against an event at JNU supporting Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo by Kamal Singh(PTI2_12_2016_000107A)

DSU ( Democratic Students Union) organized an event to glorify Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt in JNU (Jawahar Lal Nehru University) Delhi and shouts – “Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi jaari

Well, from my experience the first thing I can observe or conclude after watching a video of the fanatic shouting of DSU members-‘Bharat ki barbaadi’ is that, I am not sure whether they will be able to accomplish this but the people shouting will soon have a soar throat and if not taken care of it may quickly transform into serious throat infection which can well develop into a life long allergy!

I was appalled to see  poverty of the arguments made by either party to the debate of this JNU event, even a very upset Arnab Goswami in his show –The Newshour was full on and he asked one of the student leader involved that whether he knows Section 124-A of Indian penal Code (Sedition)? But the funny part was that neither those who were leveling the allegations of sedition knew what and how this section is invoked and nor those against whom it was being leveled. This episode is a classic case of X-Right wing Vs. Y-Right wing and neither of the party is able to develop a secular & democratic argument because actually no party to this debate is  Secular or Democratic. Its actually like all the Nathu Ram Godses Vs Joseph Stalins! I am discussing some of its aspects, you are more than welcome to differ because I am neither of these!

Firstly, about all the non-sense that is claimed by media and Hindu right wing that this event and shouting amounts to being ‘Anti-National’ or ‘Sedition’. Well, simple as it is, it is neither of the above mentioned. Though to a lay man at first reading of Section 124-A of IPC it can be perceived that mere shouting anti- India slogans is sedition but it is not. In an elaborated explanation of applicability of this section and so that it does not became tool in the hands of government Supreme Court of India have laid down certain ingredients of this Section which when are proven in actus reas and mens rea only then it is applied. Shouting ‘Khalistan Zindaabad’ or ‘Bharat ki Baraadi’ is shameful yet not seditious! This is huge heart of Indian Democracy and Rule of Law! Imagine pro Chechenya Sloganeering in Moscow University or Event glorifying Osama-bin Laden in some American University! It is not simply possible but in India everything is. Perhaps couple of weeks ago a Pakistani fan of Virat Kohli waved Indian Flag at the top of his house is already sentenced 10 years in Jail! I wonder for all the Lashkar leaders Pakistan needs proofs and for this poor fellow waving of tricolor was enough!

I am more than happy to get involve in exploring legal and political definitions and scope of sedition under common law, for now this is not the place. But suffice to say this does not amount to Sedition under Section 124-A IPC.

Secondly, About the aims and nature of protest whose permission was taken under the garb of cultural event. There are those people in or against the argument of hanging of Afzal Guru who shout at the top of their voice and consider themselves the best interpreters of the Supreme Court’s judgement sentencing him to capital punishment. The interesting thing is all these people i.e. X- Right Wingers willing to desecrate Babri masjid and Y-Right Wingers willing to destroy India have never read the Afzal Guru’s judgement but will make their argument as if they themselves are Sherlock Holmes. Any of these idiots have never even seen a court, much less a criminal trial, if you will ask them to write a representation to a Tehsildar then they will come to you and say “yaar yeh kaise likhte hain?”!

With such sorry state of affairs, I shall first mention that I am in favour of the Supreme Court’s Judgement regarding Afzal Guru but it is perfectly Ok to differ with Supreme Court. For example I think in M. Nagraj Vs Union of India Supreme Court has not only decisively harmed the interest of SCs and STs of the country but have pushed back the efforts made by Supreme Court in 1991 in Indra Sawhney Vs Union of India for atleast 20 Years! It is a huge loss. So what shall I do? Start shouting ‘India ki barbaadi’?

If anybody thinks that Afzal Guru was wrongly hanged then please protest, agitate to best of your capacity but what should be the natural aims of the protest in case protest is sincerely against Afzal Guru’s hanging and not politically motivated by extremists?  Whether to ensure that in political trails, investigation should be more transparent and whether how can judicial proceedings be made more transparent and fair (in case of political trails)? Or ‘Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi jaari?

Further, yes you can say that as well and certain other things also. But my question is absolutely not regarding the Afzal Guru, I don’t care if whole of India is protesting against Afzal Guru’s hanging because to certain extent in such acts and protests democratic values are evolved. But my question is regarding MAQBOOL BHATT! Who is Maqbool Bhatt? If protest was against ‘unfair’ judicial proceedings regarding Afzal Guru then from where Maqbool Bhatt got swooped in? If Maqbool Bhatt is a hero then nothing is bad in argument of Khalistan and Bhindrawala is also a hero! And so is Mullah Omar and our all time favorite Al- Baghdadi ! What were and are the real intentions of these protests in JNU, who are involved in it? Is it a genuine out cry of people wanting a solution to Kashmir issue or a well crafted, politically motivated act by a shrewd extreme left wing facing ideological bankrupcy?

Therefore, thirdly,  I once asked a self styled comrade who has embarked himself on a ‘nobel’ cause of the proletariat of India- even though they believe that relations of production in India are semi-feudal and there are no proper proletariat in country hence in order to fight with feudal political order in the nation, armed revolution is inevitable!- that, “Comrade, you always are glorifying and trying to repeat Mao’s Long March in India whereas all those things that those Chinese did a century ago, none of those circumstances exist in India and perhaps without material conditions you wont be able to repeat what Mao did because India is a Union, with perfectly centralized government, Rule of Law increasing at snails’ pace but surely it is and there aren’t much geographically divorced regions in India where government of India’s reach is minimum for you to create ‘base areas’. So how you imagine yourself to follow Mao?” He obviously had no clue what I was asking or how to answer such questions because they usually come across empty headed, impatient and innocent rural youth who are trained to follow than to question ! But in the end I was dumbfounded when I collected and tried to make sense of his answers which concluded that they shall ally themselves iwith separatists in order to create the conditions congenial for a Maoist Style armed revolution known as NDR (New Democratic Revolution)! And the first reaction that I had in my mind was “Hor kehre moorkhan de singh hunde ne”!

Infact, DSU the ‘Democratic’ Students Union is a hard core Maoist organization with its agenda of creating an armed revolution. Now, the situation after the demise of Soviet Union has become more and more clear that the ideological concepts of Communism have lost their ground miserably. I will not say communist organizations are totally irrelevant, nothing is irrelevant in a plural culture and certainly political parties like CPI or CPM shall always add colour to India’s political spectrum. But my point being that these aimless protests are less of a public outcry but a desperate attempts by remnants of radical left wing extremists whose basic agenda is failing very rapidly ! It is a very expression of rotten left politics. The facts that-

  1. Theoretical debates on which the very Maoist politics(and perhaps the justification of violence based politics) rests, like nature of Production -Relations of Indian country side being Semi-Feudal or Capitalist have gone out of relevance what so ever!
  1. Whether the Indian Capitalist class is National Bourgeoisie or Comprador Bourgeoisie? Is more or less meaningless.
  1. Whether ‘Socialist State’ exists or not, Since according to Marx it is only a transition phase but for Stalin it is a proper totalitarian regime capable of committing horrors of unimaginable magnitude in the name of proletariat and class struggle.

Nobody in left phalanxes wants to answer these questions and many  more because sincere answer to these questions will bring the truth on surface! Hence, if you question, then either you are a Trotskyite or a selfish activist with petty bourgeoisie tendencies! Then what is to be done? In the scenario where their own political justifications and ideological pillars are crumbling they needed to find political allies with violent anti-state ideologies so that a fresh lease of oxygen is fused in their ranks. And the Politburo must have concluded – Comrade, this is what Mao did when he joined hands with Chiang kai-Shek ! Do anybody in national media or participating in this debate even understand this?

 For me two important questions arise –

  1. Whether even if a Maoist Organisation behind the scenes collaborates with students having extremist and anti-democratic ideologies and they try to stage their politics in University campuses, should a vibrant and strong democracy like ours simply allege sedition(which is not viable legally) and brush them aside Or inculcate some discipline, some character and fight back the irrelevant anti-human, anti-democratic, extremist ideologies in the realm of ideology and politics ?
  1. Where is a genuine, intelligent, principally Secular and Democratic students’ political force which can put forward its argument, which can without falling into a trap of political necessity of opposing the government even at the cost of allying themselves with anti-democratic forces?

Right now the very people who consider Nathuram Godse a hero are opposing people who consider Maqbool Bhatt a hero!  What is the difference between these forces except the difference in their religions?

Question of Kashmir:

          And then finally comes the burning question of Kashmir. The charge of invading princely state of Kashmir was taken up by General Akbar Khan in 1948 even without the knowledge of Army Chief of Staff of Pakistan who happened to be a British. Having miserably failed in that endeavour then he later invaded Balochistan and State of Kallat whose King by the way was more than interested to join Indian Union, requested Pandit Nehru but he was not interested!

          I am not an expert on Kashmir and certainly not a ‘Nationalist’ who in the fit of nationalism will sing praises of India without rhyme and reason. But I do understand the consequences whenever an armed force occupies hostile population centres or atleast when either party, the occupying or occupied consider the other party hostile. Be it Vietnam or Balochistan or Tibet, story remains the same.

          So is the solution – ‘Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi jaari’?


                                          ‘Annihilation of Pakistan’?

          While on the show of Arnab Goswami one of the JNU student leader said that Nehru promised plebiscite in Kashmir and almost every person in favour of Kashmir separation parrots the same argument! I wonder to whom Nehru promised this? Or was this in Nehru’s power? I wonder if any single one of these persons making argument for or against the plebiscite ever -ever read the UN resolution and the pre-conditions of plebiscite in Kashmir? The first most important pre-condition of this was complete demilitarisation of Kashmir. The Indian and Pakistani occupied. Which never happened. Moreover, there are other political and cultural pre-requisites to a plebiscite or to exercise of Right to Self- Determination. A plebiscite is next generation Human Right, it is an expression of increasing degrees of liberty and democracy. But can there be a plebiscite if one community ethnically is cleansed and then the remaining dominant community says lets go for plebiscite? JKLF cannot force one community, Kashmiri pundits/hindus, out of their homes they have been living for centuries, perhaps more than a millennia and then claim to have a plebiscite? Plebiscite is not facilitation of ethnic cleansing but quiet opposite to it.

          Kashmir belongs to hindus and sikhs and muslims alike as every province and region of Indian sub-continent belong to every community, caste and creed without doubt. Then how come some Pakistani backed jehadis claim it to be their territory? Is religion a bigger determinant than nationality based on pluralism? If not, then sorry Maqbool Bhatt is NOT our hero.

          Kashmir problem is not a territorial dispute, it is not a misunderstanding of two nations, it certainly cannot be reduced as military tussle between two countries. The Kashmir issue is essentially an outcome of a Civilisational War that Pakistan and its ideology has waged on India. There is no solution to Kashmir problem because it is not the problem, it is merely a reflection of a problem called ideology of Pakistan! Or as Amrullah Saleh, the ex Intelligence Chief of Afghanistan under the Karzai government (He was the first person to point to Musharaff that Osama is in Abottabad and Musharaff mocked him.) recently said in an interview to Danish Royal College of Military regarding Taliban seizure of a Afghan city Kunduz that, “ If the whole world is one body, then Syria is kidney, you can well live without one kidney but Pakistan is a cancer…”

          And he is not wrong because the very base of Two-Nation theory is Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India. Well, I am sorry India is not Hindu it is secular! The very idea of Pakistan was laid by Muslim league that muslims and hindus cannot live together. Muslims must make their homeland to safeguard their religion and faith against the foxy hindus and sikhs! My first question is who does that to their own motherland? Divide it in the name of religion but Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Jefferson Davis of South Asia but perhaps we didn’t had Lincoln. Hence, a medieval State is born.

          Kashmir is not an isolated issue, it is inter-dependent with Balochistan and kallat, it is reflection of ideology that one community cannot live with the other in peace. There is no solution in isolation to Kashmir unless the ideology of Pakistan is not defeated. Unless there is secularization of Indian subcontinent there cannot be and must be a solution to Kashmir. I am more than happy to discuss on this topic at length at some other occasion. Here it suffices to say that Pakistan is a Fascist country, if we will never compromise with ideology of a Hindu Rashtra or Khalistan, then we cannot compromise with ideology of an Islamic-Republic as well.

          Hence, there is no question of us accepting Maqbool Bhat or Nathuram Godse our hero. Other than making an effort or slogans against India or Pakistan the effort of students and left in particular should have been a cross-continental drive of secularizing Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Shri-Lanka and Burma as a solution of Kashmir and Balochistan, as a solution of nuclear proliferation, as a solution of wars and unending poverty in the subcontinent. But to the contrary, what can we accept from the followers of Stalin but a staged drama?

Finally, an answer to ‘bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi jaari 

I ask question to these people that since you have set yourself a lofty goal of destruction of India, I see that you are unlikely to succeed. There have been numerous mighty empires and civilizations all gone and perished. General Akbar khan after when he retired, in his autobiography claimed that they are the real warriors, Pakistanis are sons of Mohammad Bin Qasim and Ahmed Shah Abdali, they are descendants of great Abbasids and as they conquered half of the world in medieval times so will they do now, that as was Alexander The Great  so was Mohammad Ghori !

          Well, dear comrade-jehadis, Bastards of Abdali and Orphans of Jinnah -tell me, where are your Macedonians now? Where is your Greek civillisation? Where is your Rome? Where is Mighty Egyptian Civillisation? Where are Akkadians, Sumerians, where are great Aztecs and Incas? Where have gone Persia? ALL LAY BUT IN DUST. We, the humble Indians were there centuries before these civilizations were even born and we are still here centuries after those civillisations have gone. It mattered nothing to this civilization, Hinduism came India absorbed it, Jainism came India absorbed it, Buddhism came India absorbed, Islam came we absorbed it, Christianity and Sikhism came India absorbed them, didn’t even burped. Then came the modern Isms, the so called Socialism and Communism and Maoism, the Capitalism and Imperialism none could destroy destroy India! Not because people are better warriors or bigger tyrants or had better horses, stronger swords or a crossbow! No, they all couldn’t do it because of India’s acceptance of plurality, its inherent secular nature, its unconditional acceptance of all faiths and ideologies.

          We are not sons of Taimurs and Babars, but of Maharaj Bharat and Vikramaditya. If we won’t allow desecration of Babri Masjid at the hands of Hindu fascists, then we won’t allow Jehadis/Maoists to be our heroes. Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru could have been hero in Damascus or Tehran but not in Delhi and neither in any democratic culture.

Hence, maybe for now DSU’s actions are not seditious but surely DSU’s ideology is one huge stupidity.

– Sawinder Singh

Understanding the pre-election scenario in PU-campus [May I help you!] 20 August, 2015


ALMOST all students have gone to their homes in this summer vacation but those who are still in PU can feel the hot torrent of student politics. This politics appears hotter than the June-July heat waves. All parties’ workers are very hard working and busy in serving students who are coming for entrance tests and counseling.

We ESYA would like to make students aware about campus political scenario that they would be missing in their homes. Many things have been changing in student politics for last one year. New issues with new strategies have been placed among party-workers and students. New divisions of leadership have emerged in different student organizations. Whatever changes took place, but the spirit to serve the fresher students and their parents is still alive in all student parties. No doubt, restricting the provision of help-desk created the troubles among fresher and aspirants but the student’s associations/organizations compensated everything with more responsibility.

ESYA has tried to observe deeply all changing dynamics of work style and organizational structure of every student group. Now we will present step by step review of major student parties which will help leadership as well as voter to act upon.

NSUI (student wing of Indian national congress party)Everybody knows that NSUI has been winning presidential post in student council for last two years. In 2013, this organization/union had won by huge margin but in the last year the charisma of big leaders Dalvir Goldy and Barinder Dhillon etc hardly escaped NSUI to get insulted, by winning presidential post with merely 60-70 votes. This shows the declining image of NSUI. It is bitter truth that two year continuous power orientation raised the ego level of NSUI leaders which led to emerge many power-centers within in party.

No doubt NSUI performed various welfare tasks like removing restriction on celebration of Holi in campus touching the issue of gender equality, celebration of International Women Day, organizing VIMARSH and many entertainment occasions.

But out of sudden, NSUI’s president Mr. Himanshu Budhiraja came as avtar of Mr. Kejriwal by addressing the issue of corruption against Management especially DSW. But he did the same that ex-PM Manmohan Singh have done by inventing RTI Act (2005) which meaningfully exposed the corruption cases in congress regime. This became the major reason for defeat of congress party in Lok-Sabha election (2014). Budhiraja sat on “Dharna” accusing the DSW for corruption in hostel funds etc and fought for transparency in use of funds. But it is very unfortunate that when all students got convinced with his struggle and issue, he had taken the whole struggle back without giving any justification to students. It has created a wide gap between party and student masses. His ‘transparency struggle’ finally maligned the image of NSUI and created doubt in the students on the character of NSUI leadership. Also this struggle was the moment when the contradictions within lower and upper NSUI leadership and formation of various power-centers came on surface. It is also very obvious that one of the major reasons of NSUI fragmentation is regional contradictions (Punjab vs Himachal). Everyone can clearly observe NSUI is suffering like Punjab Congress party.

Because of this episode, NSUI has disappeared among freshers and has become absent in PU politics till date. It reveals that NSUI has failed to serve students giving up the basic spirit of student politics. Also it is very unfortunate that PU- NSUI is too immature to address many issues like Lalit-Gate, Viyapam scam, atrocities against Dalits, Communal violence in BJP regime etc to express the Congress party-line whereas NSUI- Delhi leadership is very active and mature in comparison to NSUI-PU.

Inspite of all these flaws and drawbacks, NSUI has vast experience and strong history to overcome these problems and take challenge in this tough situation. Now it is matter of much excitement how NSUI leadership would overcome the crisis in party!

SOI (Student wing, Akali-Dal Badal)SOI was the main opponent to NSUI for presidential post in last year campus election. Often, Badal politics has been accused of indulging Punjab youth in alcoholism and synthetic drugs to assist the business Drug-mafia. Hence to clean Party image, CM Badal has been making strategy to woo youth of Punjab and want to stop the march of very enthusiastic, honest, charismatic and brave youth leader M.P. Mr. Bhagwant Mann who has boldly exposed the cheap Badal’s mafia politics expressing the real essence of Sikhism. SOI’s strong effort in PU is one of the reflection this very strategy of Badal politics.

Whatever national political scenario may be, despite that SOI’s main leadership Mr. Vicky Middukhera seems much focused since last session has ended. He did not attempt to address the demands of students or campus but applied “Move to masses” strategy. He has been among workers during all duties and functions which has inspired many young students and party workers. Navi, Meet Jattana and many other are new young faces who are giving service to students in these hot days. And it is worth to mention that SOI leadership is more humble and polite than NSUI leadership.

It is believed that the old SOI leadership was suffering from group-ism. And it is very common notion in student leaders that SOI is not exposing its panel posts fearing the break down within party. It seems that SOI is worried about the same problem that BJP/NDA is facing in coming Bihar Assembly election.

Last time, SOI did unprincipled alliance with INSO leaving its natural ally ABVP alone. Perhaps, it is expected that SOI cannot make alliance with INSO because INSO is being weak in PU. The shameful assembly election (2014) defeat of INLD party (Chauttala politics) made INSO (student wing, Indian National Lok Dal, INLD) very fragile and poor. Note that, this INLD party was one who reduced Janta Parivar & Smajwadi line to JAAT Politics raising the atrocities against Dalits and women in Haryana.

Now, it is to observe how SOI party overcomes the dissent in Punjabi youth against hollow AKALI DAL BADAL politics to clean the Mafia like image of Badal politics. We wish that SOI leadership would question the very line of Akali Dal Badal. We wish that SOI leadership will pressurize the Akali party to think upon the serious issue of development of Punjab, to leave the cheap right wing politics based of identity and community on the name of sacred Sikhism, if SOI win the campus election and go to higher leadership in Akali politics.

YOI is a Punjabi group which begins with its campaign on the serious Drug issue in Punjab through a play on Student center doing a political satire on ruling Badal party. But YOI has lost its enthusiasm very soon and reduced to just propaganda while distributing Helpline leaflets. And no activist of YOI has been seen physically on ground.

PUSU (No political party line)-It is an open fact that PUSU is the first party which establish the Student Politics in campus since 1977 and create a very space of campus democracy. Every conscious and aware student knows the services and dedication of PUSU party workers and leaders. This party is very active in almost every struggle for campus development and student demands. This party has done abundant work in the issue of hostel WiFi, common room needs, girls hostel timings, library, campus infrastructure, fee hike etc. In continuation to its work, PUSU is very active in these days of counseling and entrance. But PUSU lacks in organized propaganda in comparison to its organized working. PUSU leadership and workers do well in field but get failed in reaching to students for the credit of their work.

It is well known fact that PUSU is much popular in Girl students. And this party is only single strong party having female leadership. Also PUSU is much revered in Sciences deptts. Irrespective of its neutral image it is also prevailing fact that PUSU is not a multi-cultural group but a Punjab oriented group. In last election this party did alliance with HSA to maintain the image of neutral and multi-cultural harmony.

Now days, Mr. Naval Deep is main incharge in PUSU. No doubt he is only single dominating face who is ever seen in forefront but it is believed that party is strategically working under cover. Also it is preached that PUSU is using this strategy to avoid drainage of leaders to SOI party. Hence it is clear that the party has not announced presidential candidate. This shows that it is very difficult to survive as neutral group when mainstream political national parties’ student organ embraced the whole campus.

HSA (No political party line)-HSA is one of the dedicated group in the service to students. This association has always struggled for student welfare, whether be it the issue of fee hikes, library timings, outsider and eve-teasing or any injustice. HSA is one who has taken initiative to form a collective platform against fee hike. HSA is fully devotee to MAY I HELP YOU campaign. Like PUSU, HSA also lacks in propagating their works and achievements to students. All student associations blamed HSA as Haryana based group. But HSA seems very self-critical and flexible association which rapidly has been trying to change perceptions about it. Last year leadership especially Mr. Vishal Sharma consciously changed the work style and attitude of party cleaning the image of overall party. Present leadership came into hands of Krishan Sheoran and Neeraj Kharab who are very dearly working in the service to students. They are very good organizers as they successfully gather the scattered old leadership under the flag of HSA.

It is an open secret that Dr. Jaideep is an epicenter of campus politics. He is one of the most experienced personalities in whole political environment of campus. In any occasion of PU where joint activity is projected he is appointed main decisive leader of that event whether be it seminar, Joint Student Action Committee or PURSA. No doubt he is known for his generous advice to all parties leaders but now he is formal member in advisory committee of HSA. This is a big shot for new leadership of HSA.

All HSA leader and cadre are very humble, hardworking and sharp learners. Recently HSA held protest and dharna at Student Center to address various demands related to outsiders, girl security etc. HSA had a constructive map for above issue and finally HSA won the struggle. We ESYA observe that this is single association which has a unique constructive road-map for the advancement of campus issues like gender equality, parking, library, academics, infrastructure and SC/ST or EWS scholarship.

It is our strange experience about HSA that this is only association which is somewhat vocal on national issues like communalism, NET neutrality, International Women Day without having any mainstream political party line. Recently HSA tried to criticize communalism with its own arguments while condemning SFS and RSS –which are thoroughly anti-democratic, extreme/anti-national, caste-ist and feudal forces.

Also it is supposed that the declining of INSO will favour the HSA group. Moreover, this party does not have many power centers which make it stronger. It is expected that this party will be decisive in victory of student panel. It seems that any other party that will make alliance with HSA or to whom HSA gives its support will win, if this party carries its present enthusiasm till September.

ASA (Student wing, BSP)-ASA is a group of SC students. Obviously, ASA is out of scene in campaign MAY I HELP YOU till now. But ASA will definitely come out for serving SC student during counseling. ASA is known as ‘non-political group’ according to their members. It is well intentioned approach of ASA to work for scholarship issues. They have served very genuinely to poor SC students for scholarship issues. Hence ASA has certain fix vote base, though ASA do not participate directly in student election.

It is a common opinion in political student groups that ASA settled this SC vote base in favour of SFS during last campus election. ASA’s leadership was mainly in hands the Punjab dominated people. Hence they asked their SC voters to give votes to SFS (a leftist party). Moreover, present ASA leadership is Haryana based which seems to assure that unlike old leadership this time ASA will not vote to typical Punjabi group SFS.

No doubt previous ASA leadership (ex-President Gurdeep Singh) had claimed to be Ambedkarites but they had never read Ambedkar’s thought on Leftism/Marxism. But now ASA leadership is under Mr. Vijay Kumar (president ASA) who would perhaps know the ideological difference between Ambedkar’s Buddhism and violence. Therefore, PU dalit students can expect from ASA’s present leadership that they will be represented by direct/open support to any democratic and progressive party.

ASA always takes good initiative on the eve of Ambedkar’s birth or death anniversary as a custom of seminar. But recently the SFS’s own separate seminar ‘Annihilation of Caste’ has made ASA clear that SFS’s class annihilation line wants to hijack the ASA’s Annihilation of Caste. Hence ASA will try to understand this ideological gap between both. [Note that, it does not mean that anyone cannot celebrate Ambedkar’s anniversaries with different manner].

SFS (A petty left party with extreme tendencies): – SFS has entered in student election from last year clarifying its own dilemma on Lyngdhoh issue. SFS got considerable amount of votes on the name of female presidential candidate. Now, SFS has also initially started to partake in MAY I HELP YOU campaign.

It is popular view among student parties/unions and common students that SFS had always taken very violent and extreme position on social media, during public debates, protests and discussions especially on Naxals/terrorists/internal security issues. SFS’s this attitude has exposed its mask of neutral organization whereas last year SFS was successful to hide its extremist/leftist face.

SFS may be as much as adamant or extremist, but today SFS will easily accept the truth that whole year SFS was not found on Big Dharna or protest against management. The major reason of not doing Dharna seems that SFS fears to create same situation that it did previously- by abusing and hitting constables, SFS leaders had provoked police to do lathicharge on them. And also Police registered many cases against them including molestation of female constable.

But now days, it seems that SFS’s ‘revolutionary soul’ has been escaping from the Black-magic of Chandigarh police for one year. On the contrary, many views are claiming that SFS do not worry about student welfare rather it wants to use electoral sorcery to have special privilege in student council. In this light, SFS is just targeting specific areas like girls, research scholars and engineering students for vote base. SFS has tried to impress the PURSA’s scholars so that it can use the influence of Ph.D. scholars for vote bank. It has also exploited the assistance of PAF (people artist forum, cultural wing of SFS) to attract students by projecting themselves as pro-people and follower of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

In the absence of AAP student wing in PU, SFS wants to take advantage of democratic AAP politics by showing themselves in poor dresses and strange dress codes but everybody knows that their reality lives in big houses, many acres land or money -lending private shops. SFS has to hide its violent ideology, party-line and extreme leftist attitude, if it wants a respectful defeat or victory.

ABVP (student wing BJP)- ABVP could not find any space in advanced PU campus because some very backward and conservative attitude in their ideological line. Communal and anti-women statements of RSS leaders and Sadhvis or M.Ps have made BJP face most hatred among civil society. Hence it is very difficult for ABVP to raise its stature in advanced campus of PU. Moreover BJP’s nationalism has been exposed among Indian people on the issue of Lalit-Gate, Viyapam scam, Pankaja Munde corruption case.

Identity politics in PU campus:-  Like national political scenario, our PU campus is also full of identity politics whether its reflection may be in the form of regional, religious or on the basis of caste. Very interestingly in PU campus, the regional contradiction is main line along which whole political scenario can be divided. PUSU, SOI, NSUI and small group SFS are mainly Punjab dominated group whereas INSO, HSA and ASA is tagged as Haryana dominated group.

NSUI has very clear mindset to express itself as main sympathizer to Himachali students and use “Himachli topi” to woo their regional sentiments, though NSUI and HIMSU are suffering with internal contradiction. It is surprising fact that HIMSU and HPSU are two Himachal Pradesh’s student unions, both having orientation towards Indian National Congress.

Similarly the Punjabi Group like NSUI, SOI and PUSU are very expert to use “TURBAN” as identity to woo Sikh and Punjabi population. One month before the election their leaders are working without TURBAN and suddenly during campaign they would be seen with shining turban. And SFS is also a master of drama of catching ‘separatist sentiments’ of Sikhs and Punjabis by raising issue that Punjabi language is in danger. SFS seems to be anti-nation when they unnecessarily argue for support of separatist on the Kashmir issue. Actually it seems that SFS members do not have any philosophical problem but surely psychological problem since neither they know what to do with their so called ideology nor what to do in life.

YUWA is Bihar based “Modi” influenced group which came into existence with the rise of Modi era in 2014. But they seems very immature when YUWA does not have stand on MODI’s BJP which is main ally of SHIV SENA in Maharashtra who are accused of killing Bihar students in Maharashtra.

Campus TV- Campus TV is main estate of Campus Democracy which raises the voice of voiceless students and good platform for spreading information in campus. Campus TV is team of 5-6 students. Taran Dhillon and Vikas Kinha are two most daring and hardworking members of Campus TV who cover all events in PU. ESYA thanks to these brave and selfless persons for their services.

ESYA appeals all students to give their vote for strength of campus democracy. And also request PU authorities to assure fair election and security.

By – Vikramjeet Vick (President ESYA)

Finally, Lyngdoh Instructions and Campus democracy won!!! (Analysis of PU campus election,2014)

Finally, Lyngdoh Instructions and Campus democracy won!!!

(Analysis of PU campus election,2014)

Indian society is embracing many diversities having unity in its collective political conscience with constitutional values developed over considerable period of history. The representatives and electoral system are supposed to be dominating instrument of any democracy. The degree of fairness and transparency in election affirms the maturity of democratic institutions. Recently, the scenario in PU was full of excitements for celebrating occasion of democracy- the electoral mechanism. To assure peaceful and fair environment the authorities were deeply concerned. The Lyngdoh recommendations were followed sincerely to involve educated people with good academic qualifications to participate in electoral arena. There may perhaps be some ‘debates’ in these instructions but still this approach definitely teaches leadership qualities to high merit students and also compels poor merit students with good leadership qualities to establish them in academic life.

The campus election in PU ended with NSUI victory recording the second time lead in history. Firstly, we ESYA congratulate the NSUI (student wing of Congress Party), NSO & HIMSU workers and leaders to continue their success in field of student politics of PU campus. Dalvir Goldy, Brinder Dhillon, Sunny Mehta, Manoj Lubana Mauji, Chandan Rana etc as the leaders behind the campaign are also rightful identities to be congratulated. This election has gone leaving behind many experiences and memories with us. We ESYA have tried to put a general review and analysis of this election to draw outlining of students issues that were focused during campaigns and of influences of national or state mainstream parties over the election results. As per Lyngdoh guidelines election contending students are not supposed to mention the party or union name along with his/ her name on the ballot paper. Consequently, this entire phenomenon has enhanced the quantity of students with notion that student’ union not linked to political parties must be given preference because that would deal with student problems exclusively. Hence a politics of pretending to be from non-political background have strengthened at certain level.

This victory of NSUI has far reaching effect at local and even national level. 1stly that Modi wave is derailed and the idea floated that a student organization should not belong to any political party has yet again failed. Hence the obvious factors remained as excellent performance of last year PU council under the leadership of NSUI, Charisma & experience of leaders (Mr. Dalvir Goldy, Mr. Brinder Dhillon) behind the campaign , Properly addressing the issue of girls’ rights and problems, Correct handling of issues of Engineering students [ UIET ], Call of Ex-CM of Punjab Capitan Amarinder Singh to poll fearlessly ensuring the goon free environment while the silence of CM – Badal served the opposite. Like the democratic and secular agenda of Congress party at national, NSUI embraced whole variety of mind sets and communities.

PUSU, SFI, HSA alliance:-In PU students this is very common argument that the student unions are mouthpiece of main political parties. And students show behavior full of hatred toward such student unions. The very neutral image of PUSU & HSA was preached successfully among students. The main ally SFI being very opportunistic became successful to hide its left background (CPI-M) inside this alliance. This was major reason of having such huge support and won the post of joint secretary. No doubt untiring efforts and being old party PUSU got good amount of votes.             

INSO & SOI and allies:- The actual basis of alliance of INSO (INLO, Haryana) and SOI (Akali Dal Badal, Punjab) was well known to all students. The Akali Dal Badal party was very eager to join INLO as alliance to BJP during Lok Sabha election which never materialized but same reflected in INSO and SOI during PU campus election. Workers of all these student unions are very sincere and worked very hard but to us natural alliance of SOI should have been ABVP but it seems that because of their internal tension Akalis and BJP regarding the alliance politics in Haryana in coming Vidhan Sabha election. The Anti-drug campaign of AAP M.P. Bhagwant Mann against Akali Dal Badal also restricted the Punjabi students to vote SOI condemning the sectarian regional politics. Hence, due to confusions going on in these parties at state and national level, their respective student unions have suffered dearly.

ABVP  a flop showdownfall Modi Wave–  As per national scenario ABVP must be leader of alliance with INSO & SOI but it could not happen. All this shows the unethical and unprincipled alliance of BJP at national politics. The sincere efforts of student leaders of these unions were in ineffective just because of communal image of BJP and sectarian regional approach of SAD & INLO. In our opinion they should better join RSS rather than trying luck in University elections.

Finally, during all this electoral scenario, a leftist petty student group SFS (political party not sure & pretend to be non-political) which used to be non-participant in campus panel election for last three years just because of dissent with Lyngdoh instructions by saying it anti-students, undemocratic and merit based or Brahamnical norms suddenly jumped into panel election to show itself the main trustworthy of Lyngdoh. This was obviously an opportunistic or self-contradicting attitude. SFS played every hook and crook card to win election.  SFS preached about the president candidate as scholar and emphasized on the just academic merit of candidate and whole campaign was so intense which made feel students that every activist of SFS is research scholar. This was basic achievement to hide the blamed faces and cases registered against them. Next, SFS was successful in hiding its leftist face and projecting itself as non-political party. They asked voters just for vote to one post (presidential) and remaining three votes to any other student party. What a cheap and cunning tactics!  Furthermore girl candidate chosen to contest at presidential post while observing the majority of girls is a good tactical step and should be appreciated. But in campaign SFS just incited and exaggerated the issues of eve teasing and maligning the character of student leaders of other parties. Consequently their left politics degraded into electoral/tactical feminism among female students, which is again appreciable from the point of view of having votes. Whereas issues picked by NSUI regarding girls like timings of the library/hostel is worth mentioning as the step towards gender equality. Besides this, SFS relied on leadership of ASA (student wing of BSP) for dalit’s votes to hide their anti-dalit faces. ASA proved to be the master of drama of being non-political by rejecting the electoral politics in campus. And they pushed their workers to vote SFS indirectly. Hence it seems ASA not to be true representative of dalits but only the controller of their minds. ASA must represent itself in elections with wider agenda and their own potential.  Moreover, the sympathy for cases against SFS members by preaching themselves innocent is major factor for their votes whereas the case trail is going on in court. This is very unconstitutional and shows no-faith in judiciary. They succeeded in manipulating the fund resources by taking symbolic fund campaign but this is fact that all left background rich people sponsored SFS. In nutshell SFS tried to satisfy all Lyngdoh norms clarifying its own dilemma.  We, the ESYA, appreciate the efforts of the PU management, Chandigarh Administration and police department that contributed to the peaceful and unbiased conduct of elections.

Appeal:- 1. Almost all student unions are composed of two agendas one relating with students and other with national issues. No student unions can win elections without serving students because students are very aware and educated section of society but we must interfere and understand the national agendas of their respective political parties.

  1. Investigate the ‘neutrals’ while voting them if you sincerely believe in neutrals. Please do not fund the unions without knowing their sprit and mode of expenditure.
  2. This process of upholding the constitutional principles and values should continue in the future as well.


President ESYA  : Vikramjeet Vick                                                          Contact:  9988846069

 on 7 September,2014